The Future of Animation Career Seeing Its Current Stature

Yes, it took few years to get the animation industry to this level. Now, below are the five points that will have a significant bearing on the future animations, keeping in mind its present stature:

  1. Returns will favour short and crisp content. With the pace at which the popularity of internet is growing and the viewing habits of people are transforming, the focus will very soon shift to short content. Today’s generation is fast and we favor more of short content than the lengthy ones. Quick and cheap is the renewal that may happen in future.
  2. Mature animation is something, which is still unaddressed. It has started taking its place in western culture, but soon with time it is going to be followed across. Mature animation is likely to proliferate in the film and media industry and will move towards continuous improvement in creativity and quality.
  3. The rumored budget for Toy Story 3, one of the most popular animation movies, was at over $300 million. This is surely an exorbitant amount to spend, even though the movie got great recognition. The shift towards short content will have a significant impact on the budgets of animation too. With the growing technology, you can expect to witness some great films in the future that will be within may be a hundred million dollar budget.
  4. In the animation industry, the major source of revenue is through merchandising and it will still be the primary revenue source. But, the share that it now contributes in the total turnover will increase even more and it will grab a larger chunk of the pie in future. Cinemas are never going to be obsolete, but the more people get to taste the free entertainment through internet, harder it will become to convince them to use their hard earned money to watch content.
  5. Animation in future is going to share an equal repute as that of live-action not just in terms of skills, but also in variety. Animation, which started and was perceived to be meant for “just kids”, is already seeing a shift in its audience. Cross pollination can be foreseen in the future of animation.

The animation industry has crossed its testing phase and succeeded exceeding well; it is going to be bigger and better from now on.

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