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In accordance with the second paragraph of Article 5 of this Regulation, if a loan customer is transformed into dull amount of cash loans or in relation to this customer in relation to the “derivative financial instruments” accounts in the accounts of the “derivative financial instruments” accounts, the banks are included in the scope of the bans of bad credit loans. Specific provision is separated via the amount to be completed by the rates of transforming into the credits on the regulation on credit transactions. However, from the moment receivables from the non-cash loan or derivative financial instruments, the entire amount turned into cash is taken into account as dull receivable.

The Board is authorized to determine the risk status of the sectors and countries where loans will be used in this article.

Banks also take into account the country and transfer risks while calculating the specific provisions they will separate for the loan loss in accordance with the first paragraph.

Lenders use credit scores to help them determine the “credit worthiness” of consumers applying for credit cards, lines of credit, or loans. Many employers when hiring even require a copy of your credit score.

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